Injection molding_ What should be paid attention to when decomposing TPE for secondary injection?

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Injection molding_ What should be paid attention to when decomposing TPE for secondary injection?

What should we pay attention to in the second injection of TPE

TPE secondary injection molding, generally is the use of TPE soft touch, production and manufacturing, such as handle, butt, fitness equipment, special tool handle these. TPE coating part of the general thickness is relatively thin, generally in 0.5-2 mm up and down. In many cases, the structure of TPE coated hard rubber parts is very complex. In order to obtain better practical effect of secondary injection molding, the secondary injection molding process should pay special attention to this factor


The results show that the compatibility of TPE and hard fine sand prefabricated components should be matched, and the solubility of molecular structure is close to each other, so the solubility of molecular structure is better;

2. In the design scheme, sharp corners should be reduced as far as possible to ensure the high quality of touch between TPE and hard rubber parts and improve the actual bonding effect;

3 according to the appropriate exhaust pipe to prevent the mold shell cavity leaving steam body;

4. Balance the thickness of TPE with the estimated touch;

5. Maintain the temperature of TPE melt to ensure the actual bonding effect;

In order to reduce the wavy lines on the surface of TPE products and get the actual effect of uniform color on the surface of TPE raw materials, it is necessary to dry the raw materials for reproduction;

7. For the selected plastic masterbatch, the medium epoxy resin should be compatible with TPE and raw materials of parts;

8. Especially for the smooth surface, it is also to expand the surface of TPE and hard rubber parts for easy adhesion;

9. TPE should have good fluidity, because the thickness of TPE coating is not large compared with the specification, TPE generally has to flow through a long way and thick wall area to fill the mold shell.

The ratio of fluidity length / product thickness of 10 TPE is less than 150:1, which is too large, resulting in lack of glue and unsatisfactory coating;

Choose a good adhesive.

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